Shivashakthi Group hiring Breeder and Nursery Managers

Shivashakthi Group of Companies” is a successful and fast growing group with a turnover more than 180 crores. The group is looking for young, dynamic and hard working male candidates for the following positions.

M.Sc (Agri)/Ph.D. in Genetics & Plant Breeding, having 8 to 10 years experience in breeding of new varieties of seeds in field crops & vegetable crops. Able to produce hybrid seeds in large volumes, should organize breeding programmes as the market requirement. Job location: Hyderabad

SALES MANAGERS (Regional/Area) 9 Nos.
B.Sc. (Agri)/M.Sc. (Agri) having 5-10 years experience in dealer/channel/network marketing in reputed Bio Fertilizers/ Bio Pesticides’PGP/Micronutnents organizations. Able to appoint Dealers & Recruiting field officers able to monitoring Sales & collection and implementing Field Promotion Activities. Job location: AP & Karnataka

NURSERY (Managers/Incharges) 9 Nos.
B.Sc.(Horti)/M.Sc.(Horti), having 4-8 years experience in large scale Nurseries. Responsible for effective monitoring, production of quality saplings. Willing to travel extensively. Job location: Anywhere in North India.

M.Sc Chemical/Agri Chemical/Pesticides, having 8 years experience in Micronutrient/Bio Fertilizer/Bio Pesticides/ Plant Growth Promoter manufacturing companies. To take complete charge of Bio Fertilizers. Bio Pesticides. Plant Growth Promoter. Micronutrient units at Hyderabad and Rudrapur. Job location: Hyderabad.

Salary best par in the Industry.

Interested candidates may send their resumes within seven days to

The General Manager – HR
Shivashakthi Group of Companies
Corp Office: 7-1-621/98&34.0pp. Axis Bank.
S.R Nagar Main Road. Hyderabad-500 038
Phone: 040-6668 7276/7 Ext: 580.

One thought on “Shivashakthi Group hiring Breeder and Nursery Managers

  1. Respecter sir

    With reference to above mentioned subject I am submitting herewith my application for the post of Breeder or R/D area, at your reputed company. I have completed my Ph.D. degree in the subject of Genetics and Plant Breeding discipline at Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari, Gujarat, India. Now would like to join any research oriented jobs in your organization. During my doctoral degree I worked on “Genetic architecture of seed cotton yield and its yield attributing traits over the environments in cotton (G. hirsutum) to select a superior hybrid, a total of 36 hybrids were made from 9 x 9 by parents using diallel design as well as recon molecular diversity parents by using RAPD, ISSR and SSR marker and were screened for heterosis, combining ability (sca and gca effects), gene action and stability under varying environmental condition for seed yield and its component traits. I also worked on “Genetic analysis for qualitative and quantitative characters in rapeseed [Brassica rapa (L.) var. Yellow Sarson] during my post graduations study were screened for heterosis, combining ability (sca and gca effects), gene action Being student of Genetics and Plant Breeding, I am well versed with the conventional breeding methods of cotton and numbers of field and vegetable crops. To get acquaint with the molecular breeding methods, I also worked on molecular markers as a part of my doctorate research works at Surat research stations. I also had an opportunity to work on vegetable breeding and association of yield and its attributing traits for Brinjal, tomato and chilli, genetic architecture in wheat; molecular diversity in cowpea using RAPD marker during departmental work. My overall exposure to plant breeding techniques added with brief exposure to conventional as well as molecular breeding, aroused my interest to have in depth literature/theoretical knowledge regarding aspects of stress and tolerance to stress in crop plants. It will be a great pleasure to work and learn from diverse team of professionals from different countries serving at your organization. Thus, I believe the Breeder or R/D area position related to my profile in your company will provide me with the support and challenge for which I am looking as to work on different crops in your seed company.

    Enclosed is a copy of my CV.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sincerely yours

    Mob: 9904011905

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