Indian Navy recruitment of Agniveers – MR (Musician) – 2024



Online applications are invited from unmarried male and unmarried female candidates (who fulfil eligibility conditions as laid down by the Government of India) for enrolment as Agniveer {MR(Musician)} – 02/2024 (Nov 24) batch. The eligibility criteria and broad terms and conditions are laid down herein below. The distribution of vacancies for male and female would be decided based on service requirement.

Educational Qualifications: Candidate must have passed Matriculation Examination from the Boards of School Education recognised by Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.

Age: Candidate should be born between 01 Nov 2003-30 Apr 2007 (both dates inclusive).

Marital Status: Only unmarried male and unmarried female candidates are eligible for enrolment as Agniveer in Indian Navy (IN). Candidates will have to give a certificate of being ‘unmarried’ at the time of enrolment. Agniveers shall not be permitted to marry during their entire tenure of four years in the IN. A candidate shall be dismissed from service if he/ she marries during his/her tenure or is found to be already married despite giving certificate of being unmarried.

Musical Ability: The candidate should have proficiency and aptitude for music with accuracy in tempo, pitch and singing one complete song. He / She should also have actual practical skill on any instrument of Indian or foreign origin with proficiency in tuning of instrument, matching unknown notes with instrument, prepared piece, sight reading of Indian Classical / Tabulature / Staff Notation, performance of Scale / Raaga / Taala and basic theory of Indian or International music. The candidate should be able to :

  • Sing and match pitch with notes played on the keyboard by the examiner.
  • Clap and imitate a short Rhythm sounded by examiner.
  • Sing any well-known song in tune.
  • Perform a prepared piece of music on his / her instrument.
  • Sight-read Indian / Western Classical Notation.
  • Possess theoretical knowledge of Taal / Raag / Scales.

Type of Instruments on which Proficiency Required: The candidates would be required to perform with expertise on one or more instruments such as Keyboard/ String/ Wind instruments/ Drum Kit (minimum 7 piece set) or any other instrument of Indian or foreign origin. Candidates performing on indefinite pitch instruments such as Bass Drum, Snare Drums, Side Drums, Cymbals, Non Chromatic instruments such as bugle & monotone instruments used to produce only one note or drone will not be eligible for recruitment.

Musical Experience Certificate:

  • Candidates performing Hindustani or Carnatic Classical music on wind instruments will require a musical experience certificate from any recognized musical institute or organisation of repute.
  • Any music certificate from nationally or internationally recognised music institute such as TCl or RSM, KM Music Conservatory, Bangalore School of Music, TSM, GMI, etc, will be mandatory for candidates performing western notation or western music on wind instruments.
  • Other candidates will be required to submit certificates of participation/ awards presented at various events.

Duration of Service: The Agniveers shall be enrolled in the Indian Navy under the Navy Act 1957, for a period of four years. “Agniveer would form a distinct rank, different from any other existing rank and would be the junior most rank in the Indian Navy”. Indian Navy is not obliged to retain Agniveers beyond the engagement period of four years.

Leave: 30 days leave per year shall be applicable for Agniveers. Additionally, sick leave would be applicable based on medical advice of competent medical authority.

Pay, Allowances and Allied Benefits: Agniveers will be paid a package of ₹30,000 per month with a fixed yearly increment. In addition, risk and hardship, dress and travel allowances will be paid.

Seva Nidhi: Agniveers shall be given a one-time Seva Nidhi package comprising their monthly contribution along with matching contribution by the Government on completion of their engagement period, as indicated below:

Year Customised Package (Monthly) In Hand (70%) Contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund (30%) Contribution to Corpus Fund by GoI
All figures in Rs (Monthly Contribution)
1st Year 30000 21000 9000 9000
2nd Year 33000 23100 9900 9900
3rd Year 36500 25550 10950 10950
4th Year 40000 28000 12000 12000
Total in Agniveer Corpus Fund 5.02 Lakh 5.02 Lakh

Note: There shall be no entitlement to gratuity and pensionary benefits.

Life Insurance Cover: Agniveer will be provided non-contributory Life Insurance Cover of Rs. 48 lakh for the duration of their engagement period.

Death Compensation: In addition to insurance cover of Rs. 48 Lakh, one time ex-gratia of Rs. 44 Lakh for death attributable to service, will be provided to the NOK.

Disability Compensation: One time ex-gratia of Rs. 44 / 25 / 15 Lakh based on % of disability (100% / 75% / 50%) shall be applicable to Agniveers.

Note: For further information regarding death / disability compensation visit

Enrolment as Sailors (Regular Cadre): On completion of four years of service, based on organisation’s requirements and policies promulgated by the Indian Navy, Agniveers will be offered an opportunity to apply for permanent enrolment in the Indian Navy. These applications will be considered in centralised manner based on objective criteria including performance during their four year engagement period and up to 25% of each specific batch of Agniveers will be enrolled in Indian Navy for further re-engagement as sailor (regular cadre). Agniveers will not have any right to be selected for further enrolment in to the Indian Navy. Selection of the Agniveers for further enrolment, if any, shall be at the discretion of the Indian Navy.

Naval Pension Regulations / Gratuity: Agniveers will not be governed by provisions contained in the Naval Pension Regulations/ Rules (as amended from time to time). Additionally, Agniveers will not be entitled to gratuity for engagement period.

Release at Own Request: Agniveers will not be permitted to get released at own request prior to completion of engagement period. However, in most exceptional cases, personnel enrolled under this scheme may be released, if sanctioned by the competent authority.

Ex-servicemen Status: Agniveers will not be eligible for ex-Servicemen status.

Medical & CSD Facilities: For the duration of their engagement period in the Indian Navy, Agniveers will be entitled for medical facilities at Service hospitals as well as CSD facilities.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Selection of recruits is based on the order of merit based on their performance in Preliminary Screening Test and Final Screening Test.

Shortlisting: Shortlisting of candidates for Stage I – Preliminary Screening will be based on marks obtained in the matriculation examination. Only candidates holding valid music certificates (Degree/ Diploma/ Grade/ Certificate of Competitions) will be consid­ered for shortlisting. Candidates who are awarded grades in the matriculation certificate are to convert them into marks as per the conversion formula approved by the respective board. A copy of the officially promulgated conversion formula has to be uploaded by the candidate. In the absence of which, his/her candidature shall be cancelled.

Note: In case number of shortlisted candidates exceeds the number of vacancies, due to candidates having similar percentage in matriculation, candidates having an earlier DOB (i.e. having lesser no. chances for recruitment) will be shortlisted.

Stage I – Preliminary Screening: Shortlisted candidates will be issued call-up letter for Stage I comprising of Physical Fitness Test (PFT), Music Screening Test and Recruitment Medical Examination. Those who qualify the PFT and Preliminary Music Test will be required to undergo Recruitment Medical Examination. Centre Allocation for Stage I will be at the discretion of the Indian Navy. The Stage I is tentatively scheduled to be held in Aug 24.

Physical Standards: Qualifying in Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is mandatory for selection. Candidates undergoing PFT will do so at their own risk. PFT standard is as follows:-

Gender 1.6 Km run Squats (Uthak Baithak) Push­ups Bent Knee Sit-ups
Male 06 min 30 sec 20 15 15
Female 08 min 15 10 10

Advisory: Proficiency in sports, swimming and extra-curricular activities is desirable.

Recruitment Medical Examination: Recruitment Medical Examination will be carried out for candidates who qualify Music Screening Test & PFT. Candidates qualifying Recruitment Medical Examination will be considered for Final Screening Test held at INS Kunjali, Colaba, Mumbai. Candidates who are found medically unfit in Recruitment Medical Examination will be advised to appeal against its findings, if they so desire, at designated Military Hospital (allocated by the Indian Navy) within a maximum period of 05 days. Medical fitness certificate issued by hospitals other than designated Military Hospitals (allocated by the Indian Navy) will not be considered. No further review/ appeal is permissible.

Stage II – Final Screening: Candidates who qualify the Stage I – Preliminary Screening will be required to undergo Stage II – Final Screening subject to qualification in Physical Fitness Test and Recruitment Medical Examination. All qualified candidates will be called to INS Kunjali, Colaba, Mumbai, for final screening test and selection on All India Basis tentatively scheduled in Sep 24.

Merit List: A merit list will be prepared from all the candidates who qualify in Final Screening in all respects depending upon vacancies. The Merit list will be available on candidate dashboard on website by Oct 24.

Final Medical Examination: Final Medical Examination of all selected candidates will be conducted at INS Chilka, Odisha. Induction of the candidates will be subject to qualifying in Final Medical Examination.

Medical Standards: Refer to the attached official notification for complete details.

Training: Training for the course will commence in Nov 24, at INS Chilka, Odisha.

Discharge as Unsuitable: Agniveers are liable to be discharged as “UNSUITABLE” due to unsatisfactory performance at any time during training or service tenure.

HOW TO APPLY: For this entry, the candidates can apply ONLINE ONLY on the Indian Navy official website from 01 Jul to 11 July 2024. The procedure is available on website Candidates are advised to fill up correct details while filling the online application. Any updates/ corrections are to be carried out by the candidate before the last date of submission of application. No further correction/ update is feasible after the last date of submission of application. Incorrect declaration of information by candidates, identified at any stage would result in cancellation of candidature. The application may be uploaded from Common Service Centres (CSC) across the country, (fee of Rs 60 + GST). This facility is entirely optional.


Download the official notification for complete details:

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